While I might be anything but disciplined in my practice, I am a big believer in the benefits of yoga. Not just for the body, but for  the mind. However I regret having learned this late in life, so one of my goals is to introduce yoga to my children at a young age so that it becomes a natural part of their lives. Very admirable I hear you say, but good luck in actually carrying it out. At least, that is what I said to myself. Until  I found a fantastic book called Yoga for You and Your Child by Mark Singleton. The approach is so easy and child centric that you don’t feel like a fool going through the poses with the kids, and they have a blast. Plus there are sections on teaching them how to meditate, use yoga at school, for exam preparation, etc. And the book is a winner when things are getting hairy on a rainy day and a few ‘oms’ are just what the doctor ordered to keep you as well as the kids zen.


The French Touch

I recently met up with Nathalie Vingot Mei, an interior designer in the PACA region. What is so lovely about Nathalie is that she is a nice to be around as her design is. Nathalie has exquisite taste; that innate French touch that makes everything seemingly effortlessly lovely that drives all ‘anglos’ crazy with envy. And to add to that is her professionalism and just plain charm. However the true sign of her talent is that a few years ago, when putting together a folder of clippings of my ‘dream house’, I happened to cut a stack of photos out of Cote Sud and Elle Deco of work she had done, before I even knew who she was!

 I would recommend her hands down if you are looking either for a complete overhaul or just a ‘pick me upper’ for your living space. And if you don’t believe me, feat your eyes on some of her work at

And don’t forget to tell her that mums and meres sent you.

International Parents Group

 There’s a great new resource for connecting with other bi-cultural families called International Parents. Not only is there on-line networking, but there are regular coffee mornings and other events.  Caroline, the dynamic woman heading up this project has lots of ideas for the future of this group, so I suggest lookinginto joining.

Mirror, mirror on the wall…

When I first heard about Rachel Butterworth. I was skeptical. A stylist and personal shopper – oh PLEEEASE. What kind of advice could a snobby fashionista give me that would really have any application in my life as a very busy mum of two? Well, I couldn’t have been more mistaken. Firstly, about the person herself. Rachel is a warm person who is generally interested in just helping you be the best you can be. Secondly, about her services. Rachel does everything from determining your colour palette so you never look washed out again, to going through your wardrobe, helping you sort through it all, showing you how to dress to your body type, and most importantly how to find your own personal style.  And besides the very real fact that image and how people perceive us has everything to with our success, let’s face it, we all do secretly want to be smashingly stylish and frankly beautiful. And what is so fantastic about Rachel is that she helps you achieve what you thought was really impossible – looking great easily and finding your own style. Just think, for just a few hundred euros you can look great for the rest of your life. Now that’s a bargain! So, whether you have to drop the hint to hubby or friends that that’s what you’d like for your birthday, or just organize it as a little treat for yourself, get in touch with Rachel and let her work her magic!

Es-En-Ciel Montessori School

While we were gutted that our local Montessori school closed unexpectedly, maybe it was a silver lining as we found what is turning out to be an even better experience for our children. They have been welcomed with open arms and are happy as can be. As with most Montessori schools, the classes are small and the emphasis is on respecting the child’s own developmental rhythm, with the objective of building confidence, creativity, autonomy and an openness to the world and education.

What makes the Es-En-Ciel Montessori school in Celony, to the West of Aix-en- Provence, is its staff. They are dedicated, charming and full of energy.

For anyone interested in seeing how the Montessori system, as put to work by passionate people such as the Es-En-Ciel staff can lay solid foundations for your child’s life I recommend contacting them and attending an open house.

Madame Patricia Lamazou

33 – 6 04 59 02 17 (mob)
33 – 9 50 84 63 62 (fix)

31 chemin Saint-Martin, Célony 13090 Aix en Provence,