Bilingual education in Aix and Marseille

If you are like me you spend an inordinate amount of time worrying about your children’s education. Even more so perhaps when you are living as an expat. The Marseille and Aix en Provence area needs additional bilingual education resources and choices and the MAABN organisation is completing a survey to help determine the needs in order to communicate with the French administration to find solutions. Please take a moment to complete their survey. Only if we make our concerns known will we find solutions.



I feel pretty, oh so pretty.

I love the name of this website, especially because it fits it’s product so very well. Gownies are such a fantastic idea to stay feeling presentable during all those un -presentable moments before, during and after labour. Such a fantastic idea actually, that of course it had to have been thought up by a fellow mum that just wanted to give us a bit of ‘pretty’ when, lets be honest, most of us feel rather less than attractive. Gownies are ┬áhospital gowns that have been improved on to take childbirth into consideration; they stay closed in the back (hallelujah) and they have easily unfastened flaps for breastfeeding . What’s more they are made of beautiful patterns and natural fabrics. So, if you are expecting, go get yourself one of these for your hospital bag. If you’ve already had your children, then give one of these as a gift to a mother to be. You know as well as I that she deserves it!