Flower Power

Looking for a great idea for a different kind of camping holiday? Well then have a look at Flower Power Experience. How cool is this company that rents out VW campers in the south of France?  You can hire the campers for a week or two, as well as for short breaks. The vans are fully equipped with everything you need to make your home sweet home anywhere in southern France, Italy and Spain. GROOVY!







OK, so this is slightly off topic, but as evidence that we mums can have another life I thought I would share with you the news that my book ‘Win Win Marketing’ is finally finished and on the shelves!

It’s been a long journey writing it while still managing the rest of life, as many other mums will attest. But it’s been a great way to exercise the grey cells and get my ‘mojo’ back. Win Win Marketing is THE essential marketing guide for small and large businesses alike. Immediately applicable and pragmatic, the book is a collection of proven strategies that shows business owners exactly how to grow their businesses. So if you are thinking of starting up a business, have one already, or know someone that could use a bit of proven advice to boost their business, this is your book.

And the follow on is a website set up to help ‘mumpreneurs’ set up their own business. So watch this space!