Learning English in Aix en Provence

This information from one of our readers, Daryl Docherty, founder of ‘Parlez vous Anglais’: Parlez vous Anglais offers to children and adults an original method to learn and speak the language of Shakespeare. Learning English through drama and theatre workshops. A method which uses games and songs in english and the power of improvisation to teach vocabulary and grammaire,pronounciation and confidence in speaking english.

Learning english should be fun and active, encouraging one’s confidence in a foreign language. Parlez vous Anglais offers workshops for all ages and all levels of english speakers, for beginners or advanced. Start young for children learning english, for exam preparation or professional purposes.

The workshops are designed for groups of 5 minimun, and are performed at the domicile of one of the members.. We come to you.
So take a look at our site http://www.parlez-vous-anglais.fr
Lights, camera’s..Action!!



Effective Disciplining

This authors of this parenting guide approached me to do some ‘affiliate marketing’ (aka sell their ebook for them), and while normally I do not put any advertisement or use my blog for commercial purposes, in this case I like their child rearing philosophy so much, and it has been so helpful to me, that I have decided to support them.

I love their democratic and loving approach; their methods for finding and treating the reason for disciplinary issues. We all mean well while raising our children, and most of us have a philosophy, but it’s the tools that we are missing to use on a day to day basis. And this guide gives them to you. I have always found it hard to find a middle ground between authoritarian and permissive parenting. But this guide shows you , that the goal is not to find that middle ground, but a different method altogether – a method of a democratic approach where children have their own rights, responsabilities and voice.


If you do end up getting this guide, please do come back and tell us what you think.

Swagger Wagon

Facepainter extraordinaire

No children’s party is complete without the magic of Taya Maki, the talented facepainter from Provence. Unicorn, dragon, butterfly or princess, whatever your child’s heart desires, this talented women can bring it to life. And kids adore her soft easy way. So, if you are looking for something a bit more creative than a clown for your next kids party, this is your woman.

Taya Maki

06 98 93 35 54