A frog in the house

This is a great business idea that I have just received from some of our entrepreneurial readers! If you are interested in having a frog in the house then please contact Nadege or Anthony directly.

“We recently visited your very nice website and are writing to ask if you would consider forwarding an offer from us to your members.
We, Nadege and Anthony, at Host in France, are organising stays with British families for French guests who wish to improve their command of the English language.We have recently received wide media coverage ( http://www.host-in-france.com/reportages.html ) and are currently in need of more British host families in France. Our hosts charge 350 Euros per week per French guest. Teachers of English add 15 –20 Euros an hour for lessons. It can be a very rewarding experience for all concerned and also provide the host families with extra income.”



The Poopsie Collective

One of my friends has begun a new blog and wonderfully it captures her lovely personality. Make sure to check it out – you’ll find yourself nodding knowingly and releasing great sighs of ‘oh, so it’s not just me!’ Here’s a few words from the author herself:

 We are a mommy-blog collaboration of the brilliant & funny Gwen Bueno de Mesquita, Erica Nahmad, Brooke O’Farrell and myself. We feature weekly wild cards and guest writers, such as Salt & Nectar’s The Other Sarah and my own hubby Alan Stuart. We write on the daily sh*t that makes parenthood worth it. Our motto is Grin & Share It. SO SHARE IT!