BeeBox Needs Your Help!

I’m so excited to announce that with my business partner Catherine, I am working on a project that truly makes my heart sing. And that’s because it’s a project that instills creativity, curiosity and self confidence in children. We are launching a test of BeeBox next week and I’d like to invite all readers of Mums and Meres to become VIP members.

BeeBox is an innovative new service that delivers to your door a box full of everything you need to do hands on children’s crafts and creative projects. Designed by child development experts and based around themes that will open your child’s horizons, BeeBox is the perfect solution for busy parents who want to bring creativity into their child’s life.

This summer’s BeeBox is all about the wind and children will learn all about this interesting phenomena by observing weathervanes, making a Tibetan prayer flag and having a homemade Boomerang competition.┬áThe BeeBox is in French and in English and can be delivered to any country.

We are only accepting 100 families to be members of the VIP group which will give the family priority status as well as discounts, special offers and goodies. So sign up here for our children’s creativity kits.