New ‘mum’ friendly cafe in Aix

This just in from one of our readers:

I have visited your blog before as a mum in Provence when we moved to Aix last year. I am writing now because my husband and I have just opened a small cafe in the centre of Aix with a playroom that could be interest to the many mothers that have nowhere to go for breakfast, lunch or cake (without getting an ugly look from the waiter, that is).

We combine the cafe with a store offering English groceries and a small range of Australian, Dutch, Asian products, as well as artisanal Provencal produce. The cafe serves international food, including full English breakfast, sandwiches and salads and good coffee.

The playroom at the back of the shop has lots of toys, books and blackboards. We also offer free wi-fi and heaps of magazines to read.

Mariana Mozdzer
The Provence Shop
22 rue Victor Leydet
13100 Aix en Provence
T 06 82 13 13 40

Great to have something like this in the centre of Aix, so let’s give Mariana our support!