“Le Papillon a Roulettes”

Baby Butterfly is one year old, but still doesn’t fly like the other young butterflies. So Mama and Papa Butterfly are taking her to see the great White Butterfly.

I loved the messages in this simple book with lovely illustrations, written by Marie Garnier. The author movingly expresses what it’s like to have a handicapped child ‘not like other children’. As a family with several handicapped friends, my children and I loved the way that handicaps are explained clearly and calmly. As a mother I have noticed that there is a limited amount of literature that talks about children who are outside of the norm. And since compassion and understanding are two of the most important characteristics I try and teach my children, I am delighted to find a book such as this one.

Le Papillon a Roulettes by marie Garnier, published by Editions Baudelaire.



Creative Gift Idea for 3-6 Year Olds


If you are looking for something creative, fun and educational to give a child this holiday season, then BeeBox is just the ticket! An innovative new service that delivers to your door a box full of everything you need to do hands on children’s crafts and creative projects. Designed by child development experts and based around themes that will open your child’s horizons, BeeBox is the perfect solution for busy parents who want to bring creativity into their child’s life.

This BeeBox is all about the wind and children will learn all about this interesting phenomena by observing weathervanes, making a Tibetan prayer flag and having a homemade Boomerang competition. The BeeBox is in French and in English. Order now on http://www.mabeebox.com

Performing Arts for Learning English in France

This just in from one of our readers:

My name is Claire Mallalieu & together with my husband Jonathan we run Beauville Arts.  Beauville Arts specialise in running performing arts holiday camps in musical theatre, rock and dance for kids aged 8-18.  Our week long courses (both residential & non residential) are taught in English and help develop English language skills as well as nurturing performing arts talent. We started the company (SARL) way back in 2002, based in Beauville, a small bastide village in (47), which is about an hour from Toulouse. In the past couple of years we have expanded and now run courses in the Cote d’Azur as well as Beauville.  We also work directly with a number of International schools based in Paris, Nice & Toulouse.  Here is a link to our website which I hope will give you more of a flavour of what we do.   http://www.beauvillearts.com <http://www.beauvillearts.com>