Learning English in Aix en Provence

This information from one of our readers, Daryl Docherty, founder of ‘Parlez vous Anglais’: Parlez vous Anglais offers to children and adults an original method to learn and speak the language of Shakespeare. Learning English through drama and theatre workshops. A method which uses games and songs in english and the power of improvisation to teach vocabulary and grammaire,pronounciation and confidence in speaking english.

Learning english should be fun and active, encouraging one’s confidence in a foreign language. Parlez vous Anglais offers workshops for all ages and all levels of english speakers, for beginners or advanced. Start young for children learning english, for exam preparation or professional purposes.

The workshops are designed for groups of 5 minimun, and are performed at the domicile of one of the members.. We come to you.
So take a look at our site http://www.parlez-vous-anglais.fr
Lights, camera’s..Action!!