Put some fun in your pancake day!

I love the ‘chandaleur’. it’s another one of those French foodie traditions that I enjoy celebrating with my children, even if it isn’t really a part of my own American heritage.  And I’ve just discovered from one of my readers the coolest ingredient for this year’s ‘chandaleur’…natural flavoured and coloured sugars to sprinkle on your crepes. The perfect thing to add some zest to this celebration. ‘Instant Naturel’ is a range of creative naturally flavoured sugars in all sorts of lovely festive colours. The flavours include the old standbys like vanilla and chocolate, but also some more ‘foodie’ choices like Ginger and Hibiscus. And it’s all organic. Bon appetit!

For more information contact Aude at aude.layani@avosmarks.com or check out the website: http://www.instantnaturel.com.


Ali baba’s lair

A Marrakesh riadWe love to travel, and want to show our kids the world, but I have a sneaking suspicion that 4 hour lunches in Italy aren’t THAT thrilling for them. But I have finally found a place that is perfect for a long weekend with the kids – Marrakesh! The place is a culturally enriched Disneyland: cobra charming in the square, wonderful gardens, flying carpets and princess slippers abound. Not to mention the fabulous weather and the child-friendly attitude of the people. Find a sweet little Riad in the Mouassina section of the city and let yourself be whisked away to another way of life.