The French Touch

I recently met up with Nathalie Vingot Mei, an interior designer in the PACA region. What is so lovely about Nathalie is that she is a nice to be around as her design is. Nathalie has exquisite taste; that innate French touch that makes everything seemingly effortlessly lovely that drives all ‘anglos’ crazy with envy. And to add to that is her professionalism and just plain charm. However the true sign of her talent is that a few years ago, when putting together a folder of clippings of my ‘dream house’, I happened to cut a stack of photos out of Cote Sud and Elle Deco of work she had done, before I even knew who she was!

 I would recommend her hands down if you are looking either for a complete overhaul or just a ‘pick me upper’ for your living space. And if you don’t believe me, feat your eyes on some of her work at

And don’t forget to tell her that mums and meres sent you.