“Le Papillon a Roulettes”

Baby Butterfly is one year old, but still doesn’t fly like the other young butterflies. So Mama and Papa Butterfly are taking her to see the great White Butterfly.

I loved the messages in this simple book with lovely illustrations, written by Marie Garnier. The author movingly expresses what it’s like to have a handicapped child ‘not like other children’. As a family with several handicapped friends, my children and I loved the way that handicaps are explained clearly and calmly. As a mother I have noticed that there is a limited amount of literature that talks about children who are outside of the norm. And since compassion and understanding are two of the most important characteristics I try and teach my children, I am delighted to find a book such as this one.

Le Papillon a Roulettes by marie Garnier, published by Editions Baudelaire.