Es-En-Ciel Montessori School

While we were gutted that our local Montessori school closed unexpectedly, maybe it was a silver lining as we found what is turning out to be an even better experience for our children. They have been welcomed with open arms and are happy as can be. As with most Montessori schools, the classes are small and the emphasis is on respecting the child’s own developmental rhythm, with the objective of building confidence, creativity, autonomy and an openness to the world and education.

What makes the Es-En-Ciel Montessori school in Celony, to the West of Aix-en- Provence, is its staff. They are dedicated, charming and full of energy.

For anyone interested in seeing how the Montessori system, as put to work by passionate people such as the Es-En-Ciel staff can lay solid foundations for your child’s life I recommend contacting them and attending an open house.

Madame Patricia Lamazou

33 – 6 04 59 02 17 (mob)
33 – 9 50 84 63 62 (fix)

31 chemin Saint-Martin, Célony 13090 Aix en Provence,