Put some fun in your pancake day!

I love the ‘chandaleur’. it’s another one of those French foodie traditions that I enjoy celebrating with my children, even if it isn’t really a part of my own American heritage.  And I’ve just discovered from one of my readers the coolest ingredient for this year’s ‘chandaleur’…natural flavoured and coloured sugars to sprinkle on your crepes. The perfect thing to add some zest to this celebration. ‘Instant Naturel’ is a range of creative naturally flavoured sugars in all sorts of lovely festive colours. The flavours include the old standbys like vanilla and chocolate, but also some more ‘foodie’ choices like Ginger and Hibiscus. And it’s all organic. Bon appetit!

For more information contact Aude at aude.layani@avosmarks.com or check out the website: http://www.instantnaturel.com.


BeeBox Needs Your Help!

I’m so excited to announce that with my business partner Catherine, I am working on a project that truly makes my heart sing. And that’s because it’s a project that instills creativity, curiosity and self confidence in children. We are launching a test of BeeBox next week and I’d like to invite all readers of Mums and Meres to become VIP members.

BeeBox is an innovative new service that delivers to your door a box full of everything you need to do hands on children’s crafts and creative projects. Designed by child development experts and based around themes that will open your child’s horizons, BeeBox is the perfect solution for busy parents who want to bring creativity into their child’s life.

This summer’s BeeBox is all about the wind and children will learn all about this interesting phenomena by observing weathervanes, making a Tibetan prayer flag and having a homemade Boomerang competition. The BeeBox is in French and in English and can be delivered to any country.

We are only accepting 100 families to be members of the VIP group which will give the family priority status as well as discounts, special offers and goodies. So sign up here for our children’s creativity kits.


Too funny and too true

Tina Fey’s  ‘A Mother’s Prayer For Her Child’

First, Lord: No tattoos. May neither Chinese symbol for truth nor Winnie-the-Pooh holding the FSU logo stain her tender haunches.

May she be Beautiful but not Damaged, for it’s the Damage that draws the creepy soccer coach’s eye, not the Beauty.

When the Crystal Meth is offered, may she remember the parents who cut her grapes in half And stick with Beer.

Guide her, protect her when crossing the street, stepping onto boats, swimming in the ocean, swimming in pools, walking near pools, standing on the subway platform, crossing 86th Street, stepping off of boats, using mall restrooms, getting on and off escalators, driving on country roads while arguing, leaning on large windows, walking in parking lots, riding Ferris wheels, roller-coasters, log flumes, or anything called “Hell Drop,” “Tower of Torture,” or “The Death Spiral Rock ‘N Zero G Roll featuring Aerosmith,” and standing on any kind of balcony ever, anywhere, at any age.

Lead her away from Acting but not all the way to Finance. Something where she can make her own hours but still feel intellectually fulfilled and get outside sometimes And not have to wear high heels. What would that be, Lord? Architecture? Midwifery? Golf course design? I’m asking You, because if I knew, I’d be doing it, Youdammit.

May she play the Drums to the fiery rhythm of her Own Heart with the sinewy strength of her Own Arms, so she need Not Lie With Drummers.

Grant her a Rough Patch from twelve to seventeen.Let her draw horses and be interested in Barbies for much too long, For childhood is short – a Tiger Flower blooming Magenta for one day – And adulthood is long and dry-humping in cars will wait.

O Lord, break the Internet forever, that she may be spared the misspelled invective of her peers And the online marketing campaign for Rape Hostel V: Girls Just Wanna Get Stabbed.

And when she one day turns on me and calls me a Bitch in front of Hollister, Give me the strength, Lord, to yank her directly into a cab in front of her friends, For I will not have that Shit. I will not have it.

And should she choose to be a Mother one day, be my eyes, Lord, that I may see her, lying on a blanket on the floor at 4:50 A.M., all-at-once exhausted, bored, and in love with the little creature whose poop is leaking up its back. “My mother did this for me once,”she will realize as she cleans feces off her baby’s neck. “My mother did this for me.” And the delayed gratitude will wash over her as it does each generation and she will make a Mental Note to call me. And she will forget. But I’ll know, because I peeped it with Your God eyes.


-Tina Fey

A frog in the house

This is a great business idea that I have just received from some of our entrepreneurial readers! If you are interested in having a frog in the house then please contact Nadege or Anthony directly.

“We recently visited your very nice website and are writing to ask if you would consider forwarding an offer from us to your members.
We, Nadege and Anthony, at Host in France, are organising stays with British families for French guests who wish to improve their command of the English language.We have recently received wide media coverage ( http://www.host-in-france.com/reportages.html ) and are currently in need of more British host families in France. Our hosts charge 350 Euros per week per French guest. Teachers of English add 15 –20 Euros an hour for lessons. It can be a very rewarding experience for all concerned and also provide the host families with extra income.”